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Thanks to the following donors and families that have contributed to the Nike 4 Field Projects:


Donor Recognition


The Henry Family and The Munson Foundation


Greg & Jennifer Beckwith

The Bonham Family

Peyton & Leslie Cross

The Grimson Family

The Tofil Family

Mary Ann & Don Wagner


Maura & Marty Bollinger

The Clark Cares Foundation

Dick’s Sporting Goods

The Dotson Family

The Flanagan Family

Joe & Mindy Kelly

The Kerrigan Family

PK & Rachna Malhotra

John & Linda McGavin

The O’Connor Family

The Pence Family

The Treacy Family


The Ahmed Family

The Amspaugh Family

The Andersen-Clark Family

Dave Buckley

Delaney & Nicole Burkart

The Chirite Family

The Collins Family

The Daley Family

The Deagle Family

The Decker Family

John DiCamillo

The Donovan Family

The Duenkel Family

Marc & Kristina Frediani

The Gentile Family

The Halm Family

William C. Harvey II

The Hickey Family

Matt Toloczko

Michael & Lauren Jones

Sung Jung & Susan Kim

Sejin Kim

Walter & Ellen Kim

Elizabeth & Mark Krial

The Kuligowski Family

Christopher Lehman

Henry Lue & Amy Lin

The Mead Family

The Milone Family

The Novak Family

Coach Mac Ogilvie

Lars & Dunbar Okeson

Gary & Wendy Pan

The Pham Family

The Plourde Family

J. Sachse & J. Shapiro

The Sandusky Family

Jerry Smith & Pam Torok

Roger & Betsy Smith

The Smolinski Family Greg Spivey & Jennifer Jackson David & Sheryl Ulepic

The Volanth Family

Mary & Izzie Watson

Stephanie Wikberg

Young Family



Alumni Club

Clark Andersen 2007

Lucas Andersen 2016

Gage Beckwith 2015

Spencer Beckwith 2013

Nicole Burkart 2007

Courtney Cross 2008

Ashley Cross 2009

Shannon Cross 2011

Halle Duenkel 2012

Justin Duenkel 2015

Ryan Duenkel 2020

Tim Flanagan 2009

Jennifer Flanagan 2010

Jacqueline Grimson 2015

Julianna Grimson 2016

Charlotte Henry 2017

Jacques Henry 2019

Phelps Henry 2021

Hannah Jones 2015 Jacob Jones 2017 Nathan Jones 2019
Zachary Jones 2019 Jack Milone 2022 Luke Milone 2023

Michael Milone 2026

Morgan Pence 2016

Walker Pence 2018

Stella Pence 2021

Kaitlyn Pham 2014

Sydney Pham 2016

Whitney Spivey 1997

Tom Spivey 2000

Jackson Spivey 2004

Andrew Spivey 2008

Davis Wagner 2007

Rachel Wagner 2009

Alex Wagner 2011

Eliza Young 2018