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This is a Girls Lacrosse Guide that discusses all aspects
of Girls Lacrosse

Lacrosse is an exciting and fast-paced sport for girls and boys of all ages. I take great pride in the things I've achieved in life and lacrosse, graduating from the University of North Carolina and playing in a women's NCAA Championship.

In the next year, I will be writing articles each month on a variety of topics focusing on the game of women's lacrosse. Each will contain a great deal of information for young people who are interested in learning the basic skills, team tactics, strategies, rules and trends. We'll even have something for fans who just want to develop an overall understanding of the hottest game on two feet.

I am primarily writing for E-Lacrosse about the women's game to provide the audience with valuable insights about playing and watching this amazing sport. I believe that as the general public has access to the finer points in women's lacrosse and gains a greater understanding, the audience will grow.

Women's lacrosse requires an athlete to be focused on the job at hand, demonstrate a positive and determined work ethic and be willing to learn at all levels of the game. The new player will have to learn the basic fundamental skills of cradling, scooping, catching and throwing and to execute these concepts with a group of confident and motivated players who become united as a LACROSSE TEAM!

In the upcoming year we will cover a broad range of fun and interesting topics within the game of women's lacrosse. Below is an outline of the planned topics for the next 10 months:

Issues of Girls Lax Guide:

Volume 1 - Introduction

Volume 2 - Cradling, Scooping, Throwing & Catching

Volume 3 - Becoming a Champion

Volume 4 - Shooting to Score

Volume 5 - On the Attack

Volume 6 - Strong Defense

Volume 7 - Personal Experience

Volume 8 - Team Attack & Defense

Volume 9 - Drills & Games

Volume 10 - Goalkeeper Strategies

Volume 11 - Behind-the-Back Shots

Volume 12 - The Rules of the Game

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