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Understanding the Center Draw

A women's lacrosse game is started with a center draw. The two opposing players stand with one foot on the centerline. They hold their crosses in the air, back to back at about hip level so that the ball can be placed in between them. The players must remain set until the whistle is blown. They should draw their sticks up and away from each other so that the flight of the ball is above their heads. A center draw is used to begin the first and second half of the game. It is also taken after any goal scored during the game.

Watch some video's to learn proper techniques:

   This is 10 minutes long, but it's excellent:
   Jen Adams and Dana Dobbie, Draw Controls

   More Draw Tricks with Dana:

   Draw Control with Dana Dobbie:

Other reminders:
1. Keep your eye on the referee, look for their cheeks to get full prior to blowing the whistle.
2. Middies on the draw crease can move once the referee puts their hand up (prior to the 
    whistle being blown). Players can run away from the circle and then run in after the ball is  
    released. Players can move to another place on the circle, go to the player right or left.