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We need your support!

GFLA is at a critical stage in the process for securing the necessary approval for the installation of an artificial turf field at Leo Santaballa.

  1. Sign the Petition in Support of Turfing Leo.   Please sign the petition to show your support of the installation of artificial turf at Leo Santaballa.  Click here to access the petition.  There is no cost to sign the petition and it will take less than 1 minute to complete.  If you are not interested in donating to iPetition, simply close the browser window.  (Note, iPetition is not affiliated with GFLA, and no money collected by iPetition will be sent to GFLA.) 
  2. Financial Pledge.   Make a pledge to this project in response to a mailing that will go out shortly or information that you may have received on this project in early November (this information is also available on our website under the I Am Turfing Leo tab).
  3. Join GFCA.  It is critically important to make your opinion known to the Great Falls Citizen’s Association and the most effective way to do so is to join GFCA.  Only members of the GFCA have the right to vote on a proposal before the organization.  A vote on the project at Leo Santaballa will likely take place in mid-February.  You can join the GFCA on-line at www.gfca.org
  4. Make your support known to members of the GFCA and other community leaders.