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Turf Field Committee Established

GFLA has formed a Turf Field Committee to spearhead this project.  As with all GFLA committees, the Turf Field Committee is a volunteer group of Great Falls parents.  The members of the committee will be available to answer any questions that you may have and to consult with you on how you would be interested in supporting this project.  The committee members are listed below.  Do not hesitate to contact any of them to discuss this project.  As this campaign unfolds, keep an eye out for the car magnet which will proudly declare, “I’m Turfing Leo!” We hope to see them everywhere!

Greg Beckwith John & Linda McGavin
Dana Boyd Doug Natal
Peyton Cross Eileen O’Connor
Mark Flanagan Lars Okeson
Rohit Kishore Janine Sweeney
Chris Lehman Glenn Tofil
Greg Beckwith Adam Volanth