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GFLA COVID-19 Guidelines

GFLA is following guidance from CDC, Virginia state officials, and Fairfax County to ensure participants, families, staff and our community remain safe. In addition to following current ordinances and safety measures issues by our town and State we are collaborating with regional medical and youth sports leaders to ensure we are considering all aspects of safety in youth sports programming.  GFLA will continually monitor the local, state and federal conditions and regulations and may periodically update this policy.


All participants, coaches and staff should follow COVID-19 health guidelines:

• Stay home if sick.

• Players should bring their own equipment.

• Reduce physical closeness and keep 6 feet of space between players when possible.

• Masks Strongly Suggested, But Not Required on the Field.  Required on the sidelines for ALL.

• Players should clean their hands before and after practices, games, and sharing equipment.

If your child is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or has received a positive test result he or she should stay home. If someone in your family is experiencing symptoms or received a positive test result within the past 14 days, your child must stay home. 


If you learn of potential exposure after you have been in contact with other players, coaches, officials or spectators that we ask that you immediately inform your GFLA coach so that we can notify these individuals of the exposure.  Your health information and identity will be kept confidential.


General Guidelines

•       All physical interactions should be minimized.

•       Families will provide an attestation before each practice and game to confirm their child is healthy with no COVID symptoms before the step on the field.  Team Snap is GFLA’s preferred method for collecting attestations.

•       Participants will not share water bottles or any equipment except for balls.  In the unique case where goalies must share chest protectors, the coach will sanitize the chest protector before the exchange is made.

•       When GFLA is visiting the fields of other teams our players, spectators and coaches must follow the home teams field rules and policies.


Staff & Coach Guidelines

•       Coaches will wear masks.

•       Coaches will manage all team equipment.

•       Coaches will utilize hand sanitizer before sessions and after handling equipment.

•       Coaches will not share personal equipment with other coaches.


Participant Guidelines

•       All participants will wear a mask when walking in and out of any athletics field complex for practice or games.

•       Physical interactions (high fives, handshakes) are only allowed if protective gear or clothing is covering the skin between players.  Minimize all physical interactions.

•       Participants are allowed wear a mask while playing, but it is not required.


Spectator Guidelines

•         Families should minimize attendance at games, ensure social distancing of 6’ or more on the sidelines and wear masks.

•         For home games on Nike 4 field, spectators are encouraged to use the grassy hill adjacent to Nike 4 field to watch games to help with social distancing.

•         Spectators may also watch the games outside of the fence to assist with social distancing.

•         When GFLA is playing away we will need to follow that home teams field requirements.