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COME ONE, COME ALL!!!  (Both girls and boys)


Early bird registration until 8/1/2019 is $125.

Registration fro 8/1/2019 until 8/26/2019 is $150. 


2019 Fall Field Hockey team practices will start the week of September 3rd.  Coaches will have the

option of starting practice the week of August 26th.   Games for K-6 will be on Saturdays and 7/8 

will be on Sundays.  Times TBD. 


Prior to the start of the season we will be hosting 3 skill clinics:  August 1 and 8 from 5:30 to 7:30 

and 15 from 6:30 to 8 at Nike 4.  We will be working on basic skills and will use the last 30 

minutes for scrimmages based upon ages.  


The proposed practice schedule for the fall season is listed below.  Please note, the schedule it is 

dependent on the number of teams that we are able to register.  Please note that this year 

practices will be 90 minutes in duration (except for K/2) as we found one practice a 

week for only 60 minutes did not provide the coaches with adequate time to work on 

the fundamentals and game play.  The K/2 grade teams practices will be an hour in



Additionally, each week we will have a 90 minute voluntary skill clinic on Tuesdays.  We will pick 

different skills to work on each week with a scrimmage at the end of each clinic.  We are arranging 

for the George Mason University team to come and help with the clinics.


Last year we did our best to ensure all friend/team requests were met.  When registrating if you 

have a friend/team/coach/time you would like please place in the note section.  


Proposed practice schedule:   

  • Monday 5:30-7 (1-7/8 team, 1-5/6 team)
                  7-8:30 (2-7/8 teams)
          Tuesday 6 - 7:30:  Skill builders
          Wednesday 5:30- 7 (2- 3/4 teams)
                        7-8:30 (2- 5/6 teams)
          Friday 5-6 (2 - K/2 teams)
                          6-7:30 ( 2- 7/8 Teams)


This year the league will be requiring numbers on all uniforms.  Due to this new rule, we will be sending out a link to order jerseys for your registered player.  I am sorry for this additional cost to the program.  In order to try to mitigate the cost, as a club we are supporting the use of the Great Falls lacrosse girls or boys uniform for the field hockey program.  So if you have already purchased a Great Falls lacrosse uniform, this will be the uniform you will use for field hockey and lacrosse.  If you do not have a Great Falls lacrosse uniform, we will be sending out a link to a order a jersey for the Great Falls program that will have both the lacrosse and field hockey stick on them.  This way if you play lacrosse as well in the Spring you can use the same uniform.  Again sorry for this change in rules.  


Coaches Update

I am excited to announce that this year we will be adding two new former D1 coaches to our staff.  They are very excited to join our program and will be assisting where they can.  We also have many of our tremendous coaches returning for another season.  We are so thankful for all their support as we could not do it without them.  If you or anyone else would like to coach please reach out to me at chalvorsen@mac.com.  We will be hosting a coaching clinic on August 15 from 5:30-6:30 which will include practice plans, rule review, and overall season goal/objectives for the program.  We will also be looking to host a Level 1 and Level 2 USA coaching clinic.  Further details to follow.


Season Events

During the season we will have a spirit day with Langley High school field hockey team while continuing our wonderful partnership with George Mason University.  We will be looking to have some of the younger teams scrimmage during half time at one of the George Mason University team home games.

As we continue to work to expand our program to include select teams for a tournament in the Fall  (Further information to follow in the next few weeks) we are still looking for more players to join our club.   So please pass the word about our registration and the program.


If you have any questions or feedback please let me know.  


Great Falls Field Hockey Commissioner