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GFLA Girls uniforms are self-purchase through an online store.

Orders must be placed by January 13th to ensure delivery by the first game.

It is 3 parts: (1) reversible Armourfuse Racerback jersey, (2) Armourfuse Kilt, and (3) compression shorts (can buy these or use any navy compression shorts).   

GF Girls Lax online store is here:  

Girls Uniform and Spiritwear Store

Numbers alternate odd and even by year so as players age up and through the different age groups, there should never be a duplicate number on any given team.   Please follow this protocol when placing your order:

8th Grade:  Even

7th Grade:  Odd

6th Grade:  Even

5th Grade:  Odd

4th Grade:  Even

3rd Grade:  Odd

2nd Grade:  Even

1st Grade:  Odd

Kindergarten:  Even (we will review the selected number to avoid duplicates with 2nd graders who could be teammates)

Items ordered through the online store are not returnable or refundable.  If you have questions about your daughter's size, please feel free to contact Maribeth Burg (maribethburg@yahoo.com).   She has size samples available for you to try on your daughter prior to ordering from the online store.  

Please see the Required Equipment tab on our website for more information.