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Current Schedule Player Evaluations (Boys and Girls)
Held at Nike 4 weather permitting.
***It is not permitted to remove snow from a Fairfax County turf field.


All tryouts are TBD. Please check back soon!

***Full pads, bring water.

Please feel free to contact GFLA Commissioner Adam Jackson @



All tryouts are TBD. Please check back soon!

Please feel free to contact GFLA Girls Deputy Commissioners Amy Melton at   and Casey Golden at  .


***A team tryouts for those players who have the skill and experience as well as the desire and level of commitment to play for an A team.  Level of commitment meaning attending practices regularly and playing in games.  Players who have a soccer or lacrosse travel team first approach and or commitment, GFLA understands, but we will need to discuss this situation with their A team Head Coach at the tryout or before an invite to an A team is accepted, to discuss the specific situation so a determination can be made by that Head Coach.  Just because you play for a travel team will not exclude you from playing on one of our A teams, but we need to understand your priorities because these situations can be very disruptive and unfair to the rest of the players on the team as you could understand.  In some cases, where attendance at rec games is going to be severely challenging, placement on our B team may make more sense.  If you do not want to pursue the A team, then there will be no need for you to attend these evaluations.  This is not a ‘dust off the rust’ event, those will follow when teams have been established and we can secure some field time.