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Boys Equipment (6U and above)

Mandatory boys lacrosse equipment includes a lacrosse helmet, shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves, colored mouth guard, and a lacrosse stick. Recommended equipment includes cleats and rib pads. Athletic cups are highly recommended and required for goalies.
Girls Equipment (Grades K-2 and above)

Mandatory girls lacrosse equipment includes protective eye wear (goggles), strapless colored mouth guard and a girls lacrosse stick. Cleats are recommended. Goalie equipment will be provided by Great Falls Lacrosse. See detail on new Goggle requirements below.

LittleLax Equipment

The only equipment required for both boys and girls LittleLax players is a gender-appropriate lacrosse stick and a mouth guard.  Great Falls has lacrosse loaner boys and girls sticks.
Girls Goggles

Below is the list of approved SEI (Safety Equipment Institue) goggles.  US Lacrosse is requiring that participants use something from this list.  There are no options for girls who wear glasses because the Rec Specs are longer included.  Bangers are no longer included.  The best option for girls with glasses is to wear a field helmet.  Because of this situation with the lack of options for girls with glasses, NVYLL (our league) has chosen to delay enforcement of compliance until next season.  If you just bought goggles that don't have an SEI stamp, please return them and buy one with an SEI stamp.   It will be required soon.  Stores will sell what they have whether it complies or not so be an informed shopper.

This should give you all time to purchase goggles that comply with the new rules.  If you can manage it now, please do.  If you want to wait, there won't be a penalty during the Spring 2020 season.

Hummingbird Sports    
Brand Name Model # Size/Class/Configuration
Cascade LX LX18 Women's Lacrosse Eyewear: Type III Goggles with Integrated Headgear - Size: One Size; Available in 6 colors
Cascade PolyArc PolyArc Eye Protector for Women's Lacrosse (Type III); Multiple Color Options
STX, LLC    
Brand Name Model # Size/Class/Configuration
Hummingbird Sports Hero Women's Lacrosse Eye Protection (Type III) One Size, goggle integrated with Hummingbird V2 helmet model
Hummingbird Sports Hero Women's Lacrosse Eye Protection (Type III) One Size
Team 22 Innovation    
Brand Name Model # Size/Class/Configuration
STX Rookie-S Women's Lacrosse Eye Protection, Youth (Type III): One Size; Multiple Color Options


Local Equipment Retailers

Great Falls Lacrosse does not rent lacrosse equipment, however, equipment can be purchased or rented at local vendors:
  • Lacrosse Unlimited (www.lacrosseunlimited.com) is located in Vienna on Route 123 near the Chipotle.
  • MadLax (www.madlax.com) is located in McLean on Chain Bridge Road, and if you mention that you are affiliated with Great Falls Lacrosse, they should offer you a discount. 
  • Finally, local sporting goods stores such as Dicks Sporting Goods, Sports Authority and Modells also sell equipment. 

More Information

For additional assistance, please contact Boys Deputy Commissioner   for questions with boys equipment, and Girls Deputy Commissioners   or   for assistance with girls equipment.