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We will publish a more comprehsive evaluation schedule in January and February.  Evaluations will be held on the turf at Nike 4. 


Practices are held 2 days per week for our Upper B and Lower B teams and Full Field 8U boys teams and 2-3 days per week (coach's discretion) for our A teams.  Girls K/2 and Boys' modified field teams will practice one day per week.  Practice schedules are based on coaches' availability and field space.  


In general, boys' games are played on Saturdays (morning and afternoon) and girls' games on Sunday afternoons.  The season is set to start the weekend of April 10/11, so please plan accordingly!  There will be seven regular season games followed by playoffs over a period of two weekends.  There are no games on Memorial Day weekend.  Please see the Calendar tab for more information.