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Nike 4 and Nike 8 are controlled by the Fairfax Park Authority, they are NOT FCPS fields.  
We will update our website as we note field status changes on this link:
The county updates the status around 3 pm each week day.
Our turf field is:
Nike 4
Our natural grass fields are:
Nike 8 (Closed to GFLA for March 2020)
Leo Santaballa (Spring 2020 Permits are for 4:30-dark on Tue, Thur and Fri and Sat 8am-2pm)
Village Field
 (access controlled by GFLA)
Spring 2020 COVID-19 Refund Form

Dear Great Falls Lacrosse and Field Hockey Parents:

For the safety and well-being of our participants and in compliance with the Governor’s orders, NVYLL has cancelled the spring sports seasons for lacrosse and GFLA is following protocol and cancelling the spring season for field hockey.

GFLA understands that some families are impacted more than others and will therefore offer each family one of three choices related to fees already paid for the season (including base registration fees and any late fees that were paid).

It is important to note that NVYLL must cover their costs incurred to date and will not refund all of the fees paid back to the clubs. Fortunately, Fairfax County will not bill GFLA for the use of the fields since all permits are now void. There are many factors and fees that exist in a season, from tryouts to playoffs; therefore GFLA does not have full control over the amount we are able to refund.

The choices are enumerated on our website, on a registration form that each family currently registered for a GFLA Spring sport must fill out. You need to go to www.greatfallslacrosse.com and at our home page, click on "REGISTER ONLINE" in the left hand column and choose Refund Form, then Spring 2020 COVID-19 Refund Form.  


  1. DONATE - GFLA is a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization and your donations are always appreciated. GFLA uses these donated funds to serve our community and to obtain fields and indoor facilities, buy equipment, store equipment, pay fees for those in need, and many other uses related to providing our youth sports programs. We expect INCREASED NEED for scholarships in the near future. If you wish to donate, click on "DONATE" and you will be offered a thank you letter where you can fill in the amount of your fees for tax related purposes.
  2. CREDIT - GFLA offers you the opportunity to leave your money with GFLA to be credited toward a future season. By clicking on "CREDIT" GFLA will maintain these amounts on credit at our website and in our physical records and they may be used as a credit against future fees for other GFLA seasons. Credits must be used by 7/1/2021.
  3. REFUND - GFLA offers a third alternative by clicking on "REFUND" and that is to get a credit on your credit card bill or a check for your registration fees. We are waiving the administrative fee usually associated with a refund and returning all registration fees except for a small amount to cover pre-season costs that cannot be recovered and/or moved to future seasons.

You will receive an email confirmation after successfully completing the form. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE AN EMAIL CONFIRMATION, YOU DID NO SUBMIT PROPERLY. PLEASE GO BACK AND TRY AGAIN.

Processing this many requests at once is unprecedented for us and will require a significant effort on the part of our volunteers. Please bear with us as we process your requests.

Be Safe, Be Healthy,

GFLA Board of Directors

by posted 04/05/2020
Field Status
Leo Santaballa - Great Falls TBD (5/30) 
Nike Park #4 - Great Falls TBD (5/30) 
Nike Park #8 - Great Falls TBD (5/30) 
Village Field - Great Falls OPEN (5/30) 

Great Falls Lacrosse is an Official Partner of the Positive Coaching Alliance

Great Falls Lacrosse is an Official Partner of the Positive Coaching Alliance




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